wordpress org vs wordpress com – which is better?


By reading this article you will be able to get answers for the following questions :

Which is better – wordpress org vs com ?

What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

Who should use wordpress.org and who should use wordpress.com?

Comparison wordpress.com wordpress.org.

WordPress.org vs wordpress.com – which is suitable for beginner?

wordpress org vs wordpress com – which one is cheap and easy to use?

So before going for wordpress org vs wordpress com, lets try to understand what both the wordpress-

What is wordpress.com

WordPress.com is an instant blogging tool for the beginner or the one who wants to start journal, diary etcetera instantly. It does not require programming knowledge as well. If you are willing to write something which should just reach to the people around the world. You can go to wordpress.com. Just by signing up and setting up you can instantly start your own website. You do not need to buy your own hosting plan which is really relieving. wordpress.com and wordpress.org difference is like making a greeting card with greeting card maker software in which we have to select the available design and add some text. Where as in wordpress.org is like using a photoshop for making a greeting card. You have all privileges of making and customizing your greeting card in the way you want. WordPress.com is like a software for greeting card and wordpress.org is like a photoshop in which you can modify in the way you want. WordPress.com even allows you to install its paid plugins, but still they are selected as far as if your business is concerned. However, for blogging you just need is text space and image placement.


Now the question is, can I get my preferred domain name in wordpress.com. The answer is yes. No body can come to know which platform you have used for website/blog. The difference is just your management of website and its facilities. Now, if you are not an experienced person of hosting and domain side. Then it would be really tedious initially to integrate stuff for your website. So if you are such a person, you do not need to worry about that. WordPress com is there to manage programming and files of your site.


wordpress org vs wordpress com

From the business point of view, it is strongly not recommended to use wordpress.com. Before I explain in detail lets see 2 main drawbacks of wordpress com.

  1. WordPress.com do not allow third party plugin
  2. Limited theme stock and limited privilege for user interface (view) control.

You may need to use any plugin which could promote your business. You need your website to look in the way you want, which wordpress.com does not allow. In conclusion, I would not recommend you wordpress.com for business or professional purpose.


What is wordpress.org

If you have not referred below article, I would strongly recommend you to just go through it before going for the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

For wordpress.org, I would say:


WordPress.org is everything about web development

Yes, wordpress.org is everything about web development. Basically, wordpress.org is a self-hosted content management system (CMS). WordPress is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Moreover, its absolutely free to use. I know you may get confuse if you are a wordpress newbie. Don’t worry I will explain you in detail.

WordPress.org provides a bundle of files in which the code of wordpress software has been placed which has nothing to do with us. You can download wordpress from it’s official website wordpress.org.  Now let`s see wordpress.org in detail. For this, I will explain the following points:

Web Hosting
Installing wordpress
WordPress themes
Worpress Plugins

What is web hosting

Web hosting is nothing but the space to put your website’s files. Like techmeviral.com website’s files are kept on host gator web hosting. That means I want to launch a website, there should be space on internet for our files to be placed so that my website is accessible to the whole world. In short we can say, hosting is a house of our website. Website from here is accessed by its unique ip address because we have not given it a name like “techmeviral.com”. So as of now the website will not be available as techmeviral.com. For this you will have to buy domain name that is techmeviral.com in my case. from the domain name provider. Later on, I will like this domain name with my hosting, so that my website will load at address http://www.techmeviral.com. I will explain this procedure deeply in another article. So in conclusion, you just have to remember is wordpress.org is a self hosted website.


WordPress Installation

Every website has two facets, which are its user interface and database. User interface (UI) is what you website looks like. So we can say user interface is website`s look and feel part. Now second part is database. Database stores the data of your website. For example, when user fills up the registration form to register on your website. This data will be stored in the database.

The design part is created with the HTML/CSS language. The logical part which we call web programming is in PHP language. The wordpress MySQL is nothing but a relational database management system. In short, we can remember mysql is a database. Now all this part is easily covered in wordpress and we do not have to do anything unless any special customization is needed. When you first time run your wordpress based website. Don`t expect your website to open because you have not connected your wordpress software with the database. So for this purpose, during the first run, it will as to fill up the form. This form is comprised with the fields like database name, database password etc. Filling this our hardly requires a minute. This may seem tough while reading but trust me its really very easy and I am going to explain in detail in my upcoming article about how to install wordpress step by step. In conclusion, wordpress is incorporated with a few minute simple installation procedure.


WordPress themes

This is an amazing stuff. You can change your whole website’s look in just one click. Yes, just in one click without changing the data of your website. WordPress repository have plenty of themes available for us absolutely free. You can have a look at wordpress themes. WordPress themes are is bundle of files for your websites look and feel. You can search any wordpress theme form your wordpress dashboard (for website`s administrator only) and by selecting and activating the theme will change you whole website. By default, wordpress comes with the three themes names as current year and two themes names with last two years. So the current year 2017, three themes are twenty seventeen, twenty sixteen and twenty fifteen. As I said you can select many more themes for free form wordpress themes repository and even you can use premium third party themes (make user the third party is trusted theme provider). In conclusion, wordpress is comprised with the tonnes of themes to push up the look and feel of your website.


WordPress Plugins

Plugins are addons to our website. WordPress plugins repository contains plenty of free plugins to push up your websites functionality. Few examples of these functionalities are contact form, newsletter, seo, popup etc. You can have a look at wordpress plugins repository.

So add contact form in your website does not require a custom coding. You just have to select a plugin same as selecting a theme. You can place a shortcode of that field anywhere in your website and the form appears there. This is truely a marvellous thing and fortunately wordpress have really great amount of free plugins. Even you can add ecommerce to your site just by adding a plugin like woocommerce for wordpress. And many third party premium plugins are also available. You can integrate these these third party plugins with your wordpress website easily.  In conclusion, you have to just select a plugin from plugin repository and add great functionalities to your websites for free.



I have used the word accessibility in reference to access of file and priviledge. All the files of you website is in your control so you can easily access and modify any part of your website if you need. In conclusion, your wordpress.org website’s is fully controlled by you. You can do anything with it.


WordPress org vs com Pros and Cons


  • Can start Instantly just by signing and selecting themes.
  • Free upto 3GB of data.
  • No need to handle the technical part of website like updates, files etc.
  • Instantly available free url (eg: www.yourdesiredname.wordpress.com)
  • Good for beginners and bloggers.
  • The user of wordpress.com is not allowed to publish his/her independent ads.
  • Free users are provided an activate jet-pack plugin to begin with. No upload plugin option available.
  • High cost of paid plans.
  • We can’t upload our custom theme.
  • We are bound to their terms and conditions.

In conclusion, You should not use wordpress.com for business purpose.


  • The whole website is under our control.
  • WordPress org is absolutely free.
  • Easily managable dashword (admin panel).
  • Domain name and hosting are independent.
  • Google analytics Integration (also we can integrate many such services).
  • Earn money from your blog by placing ads completely under your control.
  • Its good for all kind of people (business, blogging, ecommerce etc).
  • Its a self hosted site, so need to manage hosting part.
  • More customization is difficult for non technical person.
  • Need to take backup frequently and we are responsible for any kind of crash or problems.

In conclusion, wordpress.org can accomplish your all needs.

Hope wordpress org vs wordpress com difference is clear. You can subscribe to our newsletter for tips. Comment out your views or have any queries.

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