What is wordpress? 9 Amazing WordPress features for successful business


9 wordpress features to understand what is wordpress and why choose wordpress

People are often in confusion when it comes to choose the platform for there website. Since few years, increasing trend for WordPress has proved themself as a best CMS by considering overall performance. There is a myth about wordpress as “only a blogging tool”.

We can say-

 wordpress could be everything for web development

Convincing point to use WP is it’s success, as millions of websites depend on wordpress.
About half of the world’s top blog rely on wordpress because of amazing wordpress features.
There are tons of reasons why choose wordpress for your website. Lets understand wordpress features and what is wordpress by the following points.

1) Easy and free to use (open source)

WordPress is absolutely free CMS (open source). WordPress has been mounted in such a way that user (owner) feel so easy to manage it. Truely, there is no requirement of programming knowledge  or tech savviness.

2) Splendid documentation

WordPress codex is a giant treasure of wordpress documentation. It also has a very well maintained wordpress forums too. Not only codex, but also plenty of resources and videos are available on internet to serve wordpress support.

3) Eye catching themes

Fortunately, there are tonnes of themes available for free of cost and premium themes too with well documented, fully furnished theme which makes user to build site so easily.

4) Great Plugins

WordPress repository has thousands of reliable wordpress plugins available for free to push up your website’s functionality. Some of these functionality includes slider integration, SEO, blog modification, payment integration and too much more directly from wordpress dashboard. Woo-commerce is a great plugin to built eCommerce site with wordpress.

5) Customizable

If you are a programmer, then you can customize your whole website, and prepare the theme completely in the way you want.

6) Menu management

WP provides fantastic menu management  functionality. Menu arrangement can be easily by drag and drop.

7) SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means making your site search engine friendly (especially for our favorite google). WordPress can be much suitable for SEO with great SEO plugins to get you site on google’s search page.

8) Best blogging platform

As the blogging is a trending passion in today’s era, wordpress could be a boon. Bloggers can allow their post to share on social media. Even my website techmeviral.com is also based on wordpress.

9) User management

WP is equipped with astonishing user management system which could assign priorities to the user for wordpress dashboard(admin panel). So this could be very easy to manage you clients, subscribers or authors of your site.

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PS: Don’t get confused between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. We have discussed about wordpress.org which is CMS. Whereas, wordpress.com is an instant blogging tool to quickly get started just by signing up and selecting the available themes.

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