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How to play youtube in background on my phone using google chrome

Hasn’t it become a great problem to watch your favourite videos on YouTube on your android device? Replying to all those texts on whatsapp and other social media platforms in mid of the video just takes away the essence of the ongoing songs.
Well, here is how to play youtube in background on your phone with a simple trick . This is what we can we wish you have the opportunity to do so. We did always wish that something like this turn up. Playing videos in the background or saving battery by turning off the display just to play the audio in the background. Things were not possible on any of the android and iPhone device.
However, now it is possible with the help of our idea that we will be representing today.
Yeah! You people can thank us later for such an innovative idea and we are all up to take the credit but before that let us just bring forward the idea and the process that we are going to follow in order to make sure that you people do enjoy the essence of YouTube completely without any issue or interruption.

Playing YouTube in background on my phone

A bunch of application which were listed in Google Playstore used to provide you the option to play YouTube videos in a floating manner on the screen. However, these apps are no more available on the list. Kind of makes me sad but the fact that we have found out new way to help you with a way out brings the smile on my face!
You can still find open source application like MinTube and NewPipe which are well capable of letting you enjoy YouTube than just playing it in the background. However, it may lead to unnecessary problems with your device later, thus we never suggest you to go with anyone of this.

Google Chrome to Play YouTube videos

Well, this not only saves space on your device but makes the work even faster for you when you choose Chrome or Firefox browsers to play video. We have provided the steps below, make sure you follow them correctly in order to enjoy it in the best way possible.

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  1. Open the browser you have whether it be Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Visit and search for the video you want to play.
    How to play youtube in background
  3. In order to move forward with the process, you need to change it to desktop version from the menu provided by youtube. It is shown in the image below.How to play youtube in background techmeviral
  4. Now open browsers menu and tap on desktop version.How to play youtube in background techmeviral
  5. Drag the notification menu in your phone as shown in the image. Use the play button to start the video and thus it will continue to play.How to play youtube in background techmeviral play button
  6. Now, just open any other application on your device.
  7. The video will continue to play and you can enjoy the songs without any interruption.

We hope you got How to play youtube in background of your phone. I am sure that you must be expecting a typical and difficult process but that’s not what we do provide. We prefer to keep it cool and ease.
In case, you want any other updates let us know in the comment section.

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