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How to type faster without having good typing speed

How to type faster

Are you looking forward to complete long paragraph typed a way faster than your normal speed? This article is definitely for you. Can you suddenly change you typing speed from 15 to 45? No. But surely you can follow our suggestion and you project can really be done faster than you have had imagined. So here is the solution for how to type faster without having good typing speed

New Dictation speech to text web application

The new version of Voice Dictation, an online web app namely that recognizes speech and allows you to type using your voice has been released. You don’t need to install any software. All you need is the Chrome browser functioning on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

Dictation can recognize several languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, German, French among other languages. Not only does it let you type but allows you to give commands such as insert new line. This feature allows you to add punctuation, special symbols and smileys using short commands in several languages.

Using Dictation for Speech Recognition

Dictation does not upload your data anywhere but stores it in your browser cache. The speech recognition function is more efficient when the background is quiet and the built-in mic of a laptop is good enough and nothing needs to be purchased.

It is easy to use. Just open, select your language and start speaking after clicking the microphone icon or the Start button.

The very first time you use Dictation it would ask for permission to access your microphone. You do have to make sure no other browser is performing any speech recognition task at the same time.

When you end just tap the Stop button or say “go to sleep” and speech recognition would be deactivated.

Convert speech to text using Dictation

You can use Dictation to listen to the transcribed audio by using its speech to text function. You can listen in any of the available voices and alter the tone as well as playback speed.

Publish your voice to the web directly

If you want you can use Dictation’s included WYSIWYG editor to format the text and then paste it into then applications such as Gmail and MS Word using identical formatting. You can also publish the note from transcribed audio to the web. Those who know the link would be able to access the text file.

Convert audio to text

If you have a recording in mp3 format then Dictation can change it to text. Just select the language and click Start. As the audio file plays on your mobile it will be transcribed into text.

The tech that makes it possible

Dictation uses the latest technology such as HTML 5 Web Speech API which is only available in Google Chrome desktop browser currently. For text to speech, it used SpeechSynthesis from Webspeech API found in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edget.

The rich text editor has been built using Quill while voice command uses Annyang. To publish notes to the web it uses Github API.

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