How to keep an android phone secure?

Your Android phone must be secure

We all have an android phone which is our necessity. It seems like without our phone we are nothing. All our photos, important documents, credentials is stored in our phone. Do you know any one can easily steal data easily if you don’t take care of your phone? Yes, I am going to show you such things which every android user must take care of. Surely there would be at least one of the thing from the following list from which you would be doing unintentionally.

Installing apps from an unknown sources

Never search for an apk file from internet and download it to install in you smartphone. Some guys try to download paid apps for free. Why anyone will give you paid apps for free? How could we say that apk file is reliable? If they can change the privacy of that app, can’t they change the privacy of your phone? Google do not have any control over it. Also, it inspires piracy. Never install apps from an unknown sources. There are chances of malicious code in them which can harm data in your phone. Not only data, but also can leak you personal data from your phone. Whether it is your bank account credentials smartcard details and even it can monitor you. There are millions of apps on google play store which are verified by google. So it is absolutely trustworthy to download and install it from google play store.

Install antivirus app on your phone

It’s our mindset that there must be an antivirus in to protect it from virus. But we should take into consideration that its our smartphone not PC. Also smartphone companies give basic security apps inbuilt. Antivirus apps occupy more space to run and always we are shouting for our less phone memory. So antivirus app slower down your phones performance. Hence if you are downloading apps from google play store. There is no need of such antivirus app. Still if you find your phone may have virus issue, try to install antivirus app at that time and then delete it. In addition to this, other features provided by antivirus is also covered in your inbuilt app.

Using battery saver apps

I must use my phone for the whole day and the battery should never drain!! Your phone battery has increased by 2 hour.. Lol!!! Battery savers turn off all your background apps which you can do it manually also. So what is the use of battery saver app to install and occupying your memory uselessly. Moreover, such apps also close down you important functions or apps which you must keep on. To save battery, you can close down useless apps, turn off GPS and also turn off mobile internet data.

Installing fake apps

I strongly suggest you should never install fake apps even from google play store. I don’t mean from unreliable sources. But fake by there function. Like there are lots of screen finger print scanner, fast charging app and much more stupid apps. They may not harm your phone but uselessly it will occupy memory, slower down your phone and there are lots of ads on them.

Greedy apps

You get message or mail that you can install this app and get free talktime. Earn by playing game. It is all fake. Even if they will give you money or talktime. It will waste a lot of time. Same time you can do work and can earn 10 times more money. No one on this earth has ever made livelihood from such things.

Rooting an Android phone

Never root you android phone without its knowledge or any intention. Many people think rooting is cool. If it is really necessary for you, go ahead with it. Infact, rooting meaning crossing the safe boundary.

Apps permission

We often ignore apps permission and just proceed. Just think what is the need to share your location to the photo editing app? Even if it is installed on your phone, then also you can change it from settings.

Restarting phone

Small break to a phone can do a lot better. We should often restart or phone in about one in a week or in 10 days. By doing this, you can get a fresh feel of your phone.

Charging phone overnight

People keep phone in charging before going to bed and let them charge overnight. It will badly effect your battery and phone’s overheating problem. Sometimes it can also cause swelling of battery after a long time.

Exposing to sun light

Mobile Sunlight Sunset Hand Palm Gadget Phone

Never keep phone in direct sunlight. If sunlight directly falls on screen, it can cause damage to the screen pixels. If it is turned over, the light could penetrate through camera lens and cause damage on the camera wall. We could have done on experiment of lens to burn skin or a piece of paper. So definitely it can cause the wall backside of camera lens.

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