How to increase website ranking in google

Website is often a magnet for any sort of business, the better you get ranked in Google, and the better are the chances of prosperity. A good appropriate website rank in Google will fetch you maximum footfalls from all over the globe. Only the appropriate websites rank higher on google will make business visible to the world. The web developers create a website and SEO expert work on it, so that your website meets all the demands of being popular and get high rank in Google search results.

Fundamental guide on how to increase website ranking in google manually

  • You must be aware of the specific algorithms, specifically of the ranking algorithms of Google. Gain enough knowledge and skills about algorithms.
  • Assessing the current ranking in the Google search result is important; you need to detect your present ranking. This assessment will give you the knowledge of where you stand. You can use serps keyword rank checker tool.
  • A good tracking record needs to be maintained, track and also sensibly measure the appropriate metrics.
  • Make such a website that meets all the demands and conditions of being friendly to mobile, a mobile friendly website is a must step to ensure a good ranking in Google.
  • Your website may have few penalties, which has to be solved and fixed; a defaulter website with presence of penalties can never gain a good ranking.
  • Keyword research needs to be given full priority. The more you perform the research, the more diversified the research will be, the better ranking you receive.
  • Website should contain the pages that are up to date, which are SEO friendly.
  • The content of your website needs to be of good quality, fill your content with good catchy keywords. Appropriate keywords make the best piece of content.
  • Links of the website needs to be developed in such a way that they are working well.

How google website page ranking works?

When a website becomes SEO it gains good ranking. The SEO works on the criteria of how the different search engines function, the different algorithms, the suitable keywords, the images and linked videos are put in the website. The appropriate keyword options matter the most, for getting the maximum footfall. The keyword selection which is done by SEO experts is the main thing which improves website ranking.
Appropriate steps taken by SEO experts to give your website a better ranking
The steps are complicated, needs lot of professionalism and skill, as being ranked well in Google is a huge thing for any website owner. With these respective steps your website will be available in top rank search results in Google, which is remarkable.

Ways To Improve Page Ranking

SEO auditing

As you look for “how to improve search ranking”? You should not ignore SEO auditing. To be present in Google, the website should be a free website, should not face any obstacle or barrier in the Google or other search engines. Individuals with a pre-existing website has to design it in such a way so that some amount of reviewing os site take place or auditing is done in a very extensive manner. For site audit, the SEO consultant looks after the website where they determine the issues and problems, where different limitations that can cause problems to the search engines, this problem can be solved while designing it.

Friendly Design

A proper examination needs to be conducted by an SEO who can examine the different wireframes and the storyboards, along with site prototypes in the various stages of the website design and this way the development can be acknowledged, where the friendliness of websites in Google is determined.

Keyword Analysis

Being present in Google search result, correct usage of keywords is very important. A good understanding of correct keywords is important, which can be acquired by some steps. Firstly with proper research of the keywords, where you need to look for the appropriate phrases which are commonly used by people to search for results.
Researching the right keyword for the related issues is the primary step. Secondly by advertising, it becomes easy to determine the exact keyword phrases that are targeting audience. Look for the phrases that significantly attract audience, specially giving important to the phrases that have resulted in the engaged visitors. Thirdly with proper reports, you have a clear understanding of the significance of each keyword phrase and also the phrases that have ended up in engaged conversions.

Convert High Traffic Pages

Determining the specific pages that actually attracts traffic, by using the best possible combination of the different website analytics, or different searches done manually, will help you get aware about the respective pages that are present in the top search results of Google. Eventually, you need to determine if these pages are the ones that attract traffic, which are necessary for the websites, and to pay attention if this traffic are engaged or just converts.

Page not found

Reusing the content that is present in the sites that are ideally being used, which are same that of the URL structure? Minimizing the effects caused due to the URL changes is a very essential step. Consequently, when the URL changes, the results keep impacting for long after the URL change takes place. By the application of 301 redirects to the different pages will minimize the resulting impact.

Internal Link Building

Getting the different pages of website interlinked is a positive step towards appearing in Google. The website structure of websites can become just a mere junk of information, settling in some corner. You need to design it such a way, so that navigation is much easier and the users can very well access every part or corner of your website. Henceforth, a simple and comprehensive website is very easily accessible and will gain attraction of crowd. By designing it such a way, it becomes a visible one in Google. Design the structure of information in such a way that the element of navigation plays the major navigation. Footer needs to be paid attention to, and cannot be ignored.


Backlinking trend is increasing day by day. It is said this parameter will be the most important for any website. Even today also, SEO experts put enormous effort on building backlinks to your website. To understand, we can say “it is a parameter to judge how much other websites respects your website”. This is what google understands. There are plenty of methods to create backlinking. Hence, Backlink play an important role to increase web page ranking.

Get Google Authority

Acquiring Google authority is important, where generally Google erases the different author images from the different search options and results. Still the results are shown. By authorizing, you can ignore such an incident.

Updated and Quality Content

Polishing content is very important, as Google pays huge attention to the content which the website holds. Depending on the quality of content of each website, the rank and visibility in Google depends. Hence, it is a must that the website has such a content which is much friendly to Google. Old information is just not entertained. However, information needs to be updated and polished always, new addition, check on, picture, and videos authentic and genuine piece of information needs to be filled with. Google entertains and gives a good rank only when the websites contain a good content, to educate and guide the traffic with good and right information.

Use Alt Tag

Alt tags needs to be added for the respective images, and Google entertains words much more than it accepts images. Images are less entertained than words. Each image needs to get tagged, which helps in giving a vivid explanation to Google about the images. Through the very famous Google image option of searching, you can fetch huge traffic from the Google search engine.

Manage 404

A useful 404 error is needed to be installed and set up before the website is launched. A very important step is setting up the custom page which is effective, which are 404 which needs to be done before launching the new website. Doing this is essential and not an option, as people will go on for clicking on the existing links that will automatically direct them to such websites that are not present, may have been removed, in repair or just deleted.

Submit URL

Submitting URL for a blog is more important. As you are updating you blog and willing increase blog ranking. The URL management would be bit tough for bloggers as there will be plenty of URL on your website. The URL of your website page needs to be submitted in the Google page, by doing this the website gets registered in Google. Even you can submit RSS feed url to google feedburner.

Manage Keywords

Make sure that all the pages of the website are having single targeted search keyword and various other keywords that are secondary. Managing keywords can help you improve google ranking.

Don’t overstuff keywords

Do not optimize a single page for a lot of keywords. As it sounds positive enough if website has several number of pages, instead of just one page. The pages should be linked and also be relevant. It is a poor idea or step to contain all the information and topic just under one single page. Structuring the particular website is important, which makes the page relevant and also specific.

16. Naming the different keywords like the ones primary and the secondary keywords as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tag. Keywords with big tail variability are also a good sign to be visible.

Appropriate Title Tag

The title of your website needs to be optimized for every single keyword which is primary. The title plays the most prominent role, and that is only showed by Google, even that gets displayed in the respective browser of the user, hence optimizing primary keyword is important.


You need to add on different Meta descriptions, where meta description plays a huge role by containing a good title and some real piece of information that is shown in the different search engines. No need to add meta keyword tag as google has clearly specified it.You can check out on google’s official website here.

Google is the most prestigious and renowned aspect of internet, everyone aspires to see their good ranking of website in Google. Any website that gains a good rank in Google achieves a huge height of prosperity. Google is used by the world, and if your website has achieved a good rank in Google search result then your website will reach up to millions throughout the globe. Fetching customers attracting traffic will no more be a troublesome aspect of your business. With the correct steps, and good knowledge your website can achieve a good rank in Google search results and gain the most from it.

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