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How to Download Video from Facebook to Computer ?

Facebook is something that has completely changed our life. If we compare the 19th Century kids with 20th and 21st Century kids, a great difference can be found in them. Well, the main credit obviously goes to Facebook who has turned all the faces right into the handsets everyone own. However, do you know how to download video from facebook to computer? We are going to explore some genuine techniques here.

Speaking of Facebook, we can’t just criticize it for what it is. We can’t neglect the fact that Facebook has brought many positives changes in our life. Not just a social platform for fun but also a great opportunity for all to earn money with the best of their potential. In the recent times, we have received tons of requests on how to download video from Facebook. Well, reaching out for the best of you, here we are with the best of the methods that we could add up to the list.

All the third application and methods provided below are been checked before mentioning it below. Therefore, there isn’t a single stuff that you need to worry about.
Everyday millions of valuable and funny videos are uploaded on Facebook and what we get to do is just observe them. However hard we try to download them we fail somehow and that’s the worst part to ever experience. Downloading video from Facebook isn’t a big deal of matter. All we need to do is focus on the very right process that it is needed. That’s why we are here.

1) Using Third Party Application

You can find a bunch of application that are available on Google Play Store. All these application will promise you to provide the best of the service possible. But the fact is you may end up scrolling ads if you go for the wrong third party application. Therefore, for the best we have picked out some of the best third party application that you can trust with closed eyes.

  • Video Downloader for Facebook – Hitting the first in our list is a wonderful application created by Linterna Apps which helps you download all the videos you ever wanted. However, the position where you might find the problem can begin when you have to shift from using the actual Facebook application to Video Downloader for Facebook. In this application, you need to browse through the videos on your fb account in order to download it.
  • MyVideoDownloader for Facebook – This app by Giannz works in the exact same manner as the no. 1 do.

There are many others applications like snaptube which you can go for. Since all these application are available for android devices, you need to get android emulator in your pc to use them. The best suggestion will be to go for BlueStacks 4.
Once, you are done with downloading the emulator, install it and login your email id in it. After completing it, you can download any of the above application on your PC.
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2) Change The URL

The first process is definitely a hectic one with a lot of installation which are needed to be done. In order to make it further convenient for you, we have picked up this amazing cool feature under which you can get the video downloaded within seconds. Well, the idea is something different and if you don’t get the idea of the process correctly, feel free to mention it down in the comment section.

  • The very first step that you need to deal with is getting the link of the Facebook video. In case, you are watching the video on some other website’s post, then click right on the video and select ‘Copy URL’.
  • Once you are done with copying the URL, paste the link in a new tab. Well, the actual matter to deal with comes in here. Now, you need to bring a bit of change in the URL. Here you need to change the ‘www.’ at the beginning to ‘m.’. This will basically help you convert the web version of the link to mobile version which will indeed get you download the video.
  • Now all you need to do is click on the play button on the video and the download will begin. In case, the download doesn’t begin, you need to confirm the download the top-up box appearing.

Still if you find any problem do let us know!

3) Download Video from Google Chrome or mozilla firefox

Till now, you must be aware of the fact that as we are moving on with our new process, we are getting the work simpler for you. Since, it is the third process it is meant to be the easiest. Downloading video from Facebook is indeed very easy and with this process. You will feel it a piece of cake.

In this process, all you need to do is click right button on the play button over the video. Will get an option for ‘Save as’. Click on the option and they will ask for a location where you want to save it. Select the location and get the video on your local drive.

4) Facebook online downloader

There might be issue with the 2nd and 3rd process, thus we have come up with the new idea. The new way is the easiest as we have always mentioned. Follow the steps below, to meet up with the idea.

  1. First of all, the thing which is necessary is to copy the link of the video.
  2. Secondly, Visit
  3. Once you have visited the link, paste the URL that you copied in the column mentioning ‘to download a video just insert a link’.
  4. And then just go with the arrow.
  5. Select the quality of the video and get it downloaded.

Facebook videos are damn awesome and none of you should miss the chance to download it because it is something that you all must try. All those gigs, tech video, videos with different hacks for lifestyle and stuffs is what you must make a part of your daily life.

We tried to make the process as simpler for you as much possible. Therefore, go with any of the above process available. In future if we find any new method coming up, we will surely add on it and will let you know.
That’s how we go. Stay Updated, Stay Connected and Get New Updates Weekly!

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