Top 15 google maps features that you don’t know

Google Maps, without this I would have strolling on the streets of Kolkata forever. This app has the made the life easiest by giving us one touch away navigation and many other features. This makes it easy for a person to explore the place in and out. There are many features of Google Maps that people do not know. Personally, I think those features make Google Maps the best app of Google. Those features help you to customize the app according to your needs.
So, I will tell you what are those secret features are and try to stick through the whole article.

  1. Single finger zoom

  2. If you only can spare one hand for your phone and other hand is busy. You can still zoom your google map. Tap on it two time, but the second tap be not be left. Drag it, you will get a feel of zoom in zoom out.

  3. Access Google Maps Offline

  4. How many of you guys knew about this? I guess very less. This feature is the best feature in the region where you may get limited coverage of network. You can just download the map by tapping on the bottom of the screen and click on download. Make sure you must have enough space.
    When you are offline you can easily access the map and see where to navigate and travel.

  5. Find Directions with a single click

  6. You all know to find the directions to a place but there is a method to find the directions to and from any location on the map just by a single click on it. You only need to right click on any desired location on the map and after you right click there will be a prompt display which will help you to find direction to and from any place.

  7. Measure the distance between any two locations

  8. You frequently need to measure the distance between two unknown places while travelling to other cities or new places. This is also easier with the aforementioned right click method. Choose distance measurement as the option and click on the two places between which you want to measure the distance. This will provide you with the distance in both miles and kilometers.

  9. Let other People Drive Options

  10. Google Maps has expanded it facilities by collaborating with ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. You can too use this facility. When you enter your destination, you will see a taxi symbol on the right side of your screen. Click on that symbol and you will see all the available options near you. You can choose any option and enjoy the facility. This option has saved us several minutes which we have wasted waving for taxis on the road.
    Nowadays when you click on the symbol (Uber or Lyft), Google Maps will direct you to the official app of the company and you can use it to do your bookings.

  11. The Accessible Transit Routes

  12. Google Maps has added a new route options for all those people who have mobility issues. When you enter your destination, tap on the directions tab. After that choose the public transportation by clicking on the icon on your screen. After this a dialog box will appear. You have to select wheelchair accessible transit route as your option. This will show all the best possible ways to reach the destination on a wheel chair. This feature has made the life easier for all the sections of people and no other thing can obstruct them to find help on Google Maps.
    Many cities in the world like New York, London, Sydney, Mexico City, Boston, Tokyo and many more were the first users of this feature and the result of this beta test was successful resulting in the permanent inclusion of this feature on Google Maps.

  13. Change your Google Maps History

  14. Google Maps not only help you find a direction but it provides you all these services for free. So, it has adopted a business model that benefits all. For the services that Google provides you, it keeps an eye on everything you search or an eye on every place you visit. It gives all this information to the advertisement companies to analyze it and show you specific ads related to the places you are present then and the things you search for.
    You can also have a detailed look on your history by going to It will display your search history on Google Maps (including mobile phones). You can delete all the search history or go on deleting individual one like you do with your browser history.

  15. Time Travel with Google Maps

  16. Want to see how your home lane looked 50 years ago or it will look like in 50 years ahead of you? Google has installed this feature termed as “Time Travel” in some of the locations. While you enter the destination, you will see a stopwatch symbol on your left corner. Click on it and you can too access this four-dimensional cartographic view of your street and jump through any range of time you wish to.

  17. Creating your own Street view

  18. If you think that the satellites and Google Employees roam around to map the whole place down in their app, you are wrong. Common people like us too help them. There are cameras and editing software supported by Google which also give them feeds with our permission to map the whole place. So, it depends on us how you want Google to see the street in your area.

  19. God View in Google Maps

  20. In the recent times, the line between the actual earth and the Google maps has narrowed significantly. Now it is easier to shift your Street views to a “God View” which is combination of Satellite Imagery and the Clips from Airplanes flying. This has helped many people to explore new heights.
    This also allows you o virtually fly to any location of the world by just pressing the CTRL button. Pivot on the axis and use your scroll bar on your mouse to have a close view of literally everything discoverable in this world.

  21. Creating your own private Google Map

  22. You can now have customized Google Map of your own. Fill it with all the details that you want or with those that are important for you. On your screen there will be a hamburger menu. Click on it and you can find an option reading customize the map.
    You can share your own customized map with other users as well. “Share” button is present on the top left corner of the screen. The interface is the same and your friend or colleague will face no problem while using the Map.

  23. Lazy Searches for Lazy People

  24. You have the experience of this feature. While searching for places, people often type words like “Café” or “Restaurants” in their searches. To these queries Google Maps display all the nearby places related to the query. But the searches are limited as per the size of your screen.
    You can access this feature by typing “Café near 9th Street”. Google is so able that it will display all the searches in that place and you do not need to visit the place.

  25. Be your own Traffic Reporter

  26. You can see live traffic from Google Maps but you can also use the Google Maps Artificial Intelligence (Robot) to predict the traffic after some time or your desired time.
    This will help you to plan your journey and you will never get stuck at unusual situations.

  27. The Parking Sitch

  28. You can see live traffic from Google Maps but you can also use the Google Maps Artificial Intelligence (Robot) to predict the traffic after some time or your desired time.
    This will help you to plan your journey and you will neve get stuck at unusual situations.

  29. Forgot Where you parked your vehicle?

  30. This happens with practically all the people. They forget where they have parked their vehicle in a building. This matter can be easily resolved with the help of Google Maps. On your device, you can save your parking spot and when you need to find your vehicle Google Maps will direct you to your vehicle without any issues.

On your Android, you need to tap on the blue location icon and select “Save your Parking”. You can add the level where you parked, share the photo of the location with your friends.
Google Maps have many secret features in it, you only need to know all of them. After you know all the tricks (Given above), life will be easier and you will the guy in the group, to which all the other people will ask for directions every time they leave their place.
Enjoy with the tricks and share this article with your family and friends. All should be aware of what they use.

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