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India is the country with a billion population and Google is the most used search engine and Chrome is the most used web browser. So, Google is trying to make the existing apps friendly to the Indian public and it is even developing some apps specially for Indians. Blog Compass is the new baby of Google and it is developing the app for the Indian Bloggers to have a good look at all the statistical data related to their blogs. This is one of the first apps that displays the note “Only available in India”. This shows that Google really wants no competition in India from any other IT company.

The app is now in beta version but will be soon available in its developed form. The Google AI is behind the core code of the app. The most important help that this app can provide is it will filter and display the trending topics according to the regions and preferences. This will help in the increment in the number of viewers.

Blog Compass App by Google

Some Proven Things that Blog Compass will Help Into

Blog Compass has been launched with the aim of a greater good for the bloggers with less experience in the field. The things in which Blog Compass will help the bloggers will make their work minimal while doing research or searching for something new and innovative.
The App will display the statistical data like average number of viewers, which region to target on.

The AI filters the comments in accordance to specific keywords which will help you to focus on things that the readers demand from you and your blog.-
Tips are available for the new bloggers in the society. It is very helpful to them as they can learn everything about their blog and for free as well.

It works mutually with Google’s another blog website and Word Press sites. These two are the largest platforms on the Internet and your app is in direct association with them.
It will be a good introductory platform for those bloggers who really don’t know how these things work. It will make them familiar with regularly used words and help them to implement these in their blogs.

Blog Compass and India

Blog Compass is really great for a country like India. The emerging networking in the country can be enhanced or catalyzed by this app. People in this country are new to the concept using Internet to spread knowledge and blog about their experiences or important news. This app will really bring a positive change in the quality and people of the country.
It is not built for traffic hack on Google but it is developed to develop the quality of content. People should know from where their readers come from. This will help them to concentrate more topics for those people.
This app is not for old-school bloggers because this app does not cater needs that they may demand. This app is for the beginners and experienced bloggers cannot make use of this app.

The Google for India event in this year was a success as Google launched Tez App as Google Pay. This app is the first app of Google to get launched in India.

Another good thing that Google has done for India is that from the coming weeks Google Assistant will reply in your native language. Google Go featured only Hindi as Indian language but from now it has added Marathi, Telegu, Malayalam and Telugu as well. The Google signed a contract with the Andhra Pradesh FiberNet Limited to install Google Stations at over 12,000 villages and towns.
Google is striving with full force to become omnipresent in India as well like it is any other developed country.

write More, Worry Less

This is the tagline for Blog Compass and they mean each and every word in it. Many new content writers or bloggers worry about how to manage their website or blog. But this app will change the scenario and they can focus only on their writings and topics. This will give them all the time and resources they need to produce a good content.

There is a mutual advantage of both the parties in this. Google will help you creating good content and you will help Google improve with publishing your blog. This will be really productive. Blog Compass will help with SEO related problems and will help to rank your articles or contents.

You will get lessons of how to begin your blog, how to write sentences that will be SEO based. This will make your blog successful. Every time I recall when I first begin to blog, I think that someone should have guided me through the pros and cons of everything. But I was unfortunate. You can learn everything from Blog Compass and be a successful blogger.

Beta version

This app is under development but the beta version of it has been launched on Google Play Store. You can easily download and install the app. After installing the app, connect or link your blog to the app. The app may have some bugs but you can report them and help the app to get better.

The size of the app is merely 4.9MB. It has been rated 4 stars from the users and the ratings are counting ahead. The version can be slow and irritating but remember this is the beta version and the update will be launched soon.

The aim to launch the beta version was to know the reach and response of the Indian Bloggers. This time it is good and the app has more than 5000 downloads within few working days. This performance is good keeping in mind this app is only available in India and the population of bloggers is few in this country.

The app is in Hindi and English for the time being but according to the sources, other languages will be added and updated on the app which will make it flexible and universally demanding.

Final verdict

Running a blog can be a challenge to experienced blog writers as well and you can ask us about the experience. Some times we too struggle at getting a content that we wish for. So, Blog Compass app is a good structure through which your blog will take its shape and be a perfect figure. There is no harm to take some help, especially when you are new to it. And the help is coming from someone who runs the whole thing.

It will be beneficial for everybody if you look forward of getting or blog on the top of the browser rankings. Download this app and make your blog run smoothly with a huge hand of Blog Compass to have your back at every time you face a certain difficulty.

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If you use Blog Compass, make sure to write a note of your experience down below which may guide other readers to the correct path.
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