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11 Best Way To Earn Money Online

Gone are the days of queuing up outside office, to try out your luck at the handful of jobs that are available according to your preference, qualification, convenience, location and what not! Also, gone are the days where you had to wait to accumulate a huge amount of capital before you could start to dream of your own business.

Needless to say, the current generation has a long list of options that would help you earn money in loads and that too without sending your polished CVs to the top companies and expecting and waiting for countless days spending  sleepless nights to get at least one call from them.

All thanks to the internet, such bad days are over. Today, jobs and thus, making money is just one click away. No more waiting at long queues with a heavy heart and most importantly, no more being jobless! All you need to do is just check out the newest options of earning money online and get started, and all these scopes at minimal or zero investments!

How to earn money online for free

If you aren’t still aware about the opportunities how you can earn money online with zero investments, then here are the 11 best way to earn money online without investment that you need to know:

Make money from PTC sites

There are a number of sites, where all you have to do is sit back, relax, click on advertisements and watch them, that will get you few bucks in your wallet. So basically you are earning your pocket money by watching advertisements alone! Now how cool is that?

Writing articles online

Who hasn’t written articles during their English classes and exams? If you had thought that writing articles were limited only for fetching good marks in English, then you would be surprised to know that writing articles can fetch you a lot of money too!

Bloggers and web developers are constantly coming up with new websites with newer and unique contents every single day and this requires loads and loads of articles and blogs to be published online. You can expect to get a handsome payment from these bloggers depending upon the type of article and the quality of your work.

Writing blog reviews and paid posts

If you have a blog which already has a decent traffic, then you can make money online by writing sponsored reviews for your blogs. This is also applicable for the ones who have a Youtube channel. All you got to do is review good products, websites and businesses only, and all these would also come at zero investments.

Guest-posting for clients

Guest-posting is another way of earning a lot of money online just by writing guest posts on websites. In terms of exposure too, guest posting also has other benefits of credibility, traffic and recognition from search engines.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the best way to earn money online for free . Affiliate marketing can also be done by using your blogs or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote affiliates on your blogs and social media platforms.

Blog and blog commenting

There are a number of blogs with high traffic that allow auto-approved comments. Research on such blogs and start commenting service for other bloggers. you can even start your own blog and make money online.

Earn from GPT sites

There are a number of sites which will pay you money for watching videos, taking small surveys, playing games and doing few other activities. All you have to do is take out some time from your life and spend it on these sites and voila! Get money credited in your account!

Work as a freelancer

Today, the internet is probably the only platform that provides you an extensive list of freelancing opportunities while helping you earn a lot of quick money with your own work. Be it in content writing, photography, web designing, graphics designing or providing online services like SEO or data entry and many other similar options. Even if you are a full-time worker, but have plenty of time in your hand to do other stuffs as well, as well as if you have the thirst of making some extra money from home, then freelancing jobs are probably the best picks for you.

Web designing jobs

Though this is a specialized job, the pay is good and if you got the skills you can make easy money by being as creative as you can offer your client by working on their websites and making them look good. For learning web designing skills, you can enrol yourself into some short term web designing courses. There would be little initial investments, but the results would be great and will also come with great potentials in future.


If you are aware about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, then you don’t need to worry at all in terms of making money. It is one of the most in-demand jobs that are provided online for clients. Companies spend thousands of dollars on SEO every month just to get their websites viewed at the front page of the Google search engine. If you got the required knowledge on SEO, you don’t have to look back again. And if you are not aware of it yet, you can learn about SEO from online tutorials as well as online courses and books on SEO.

Youtube channel

This is again the best way to earn money online. If you are good at making videos of any kind, be it animal videos, your own edited videos of songs and videos, tutorials, unboxing or something creative that you would like to shoot in your camera and show it to the world, Youtube is the perfect platform which can make you rich just by letting you upload your videos! For this, you need to become a Youtube partner, from which you will get paid for every view in your videos. And if by chance your video gets viral, or your followers start loving your channel, there’s no one who can stop you from being famous too!

So here was the answer to your question, how to make money online for free on internet. If you are not doing any of these yet, you can start earning right away by following any of the above options. To stay updated with new posts, subscribe to our newsletter service.

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